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Take time for you

By Tracy Dye

Social media and technology, a hefty workload, family, and friends can leave you feeling constantly — and overwhelmingly — connected. Even the most extroverted of individuals need a little “me time” in order to recharge.

Research shows that partaking in supposedly “hedonic” activities, such as taking in a movie or dinner alone, can provide rewarding experiences and enhance overall wellbeing. Moreover, carving out some time for solitude can increase work performance, get your creative juices flowing and help you to decompress.

Take a look at some ways you can include more me time in your life:

Read a book

There are many benefits of reading for pleasure, ranging from better memory to a decreased risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Getting wrapped up in a story is a beautiful escape from the day to day.

Curl up in bed with a good book, take your novel of choice to a park or lake or enjoy turning pages at a quaint cafe.

Take a walk

Walking offers a bevy of benefits, as does being closer to nature. Go for a solo hike to recover, reconnect and recharge.

Unplug to recharge

Allow yourself some time to disconnect from the world— literally. Turn off your phone, your laptop and anything else that could distract you.

Make dinner for one

Treat yourself to a special meal without any distractions. Occasionally enjoying a solitary dinner can be a great way to decompress and also practice mindful eating.

Take a personal day

We all know that person who answers emails during vacation, refuses to take a sick day and only reserves personal days for getting their car fixed. That person might be you.

While you don’t want to make taking off work a common practice, using the occasional mental health day can actually make you more productive. According to research, allowing time for your mind to decompress by stepping away from your workload can make you a better employee.

Just like our muscles need time for recovery after a tough workout, the brain needs time to recharge as well.

Enter a healing environment(s)

Your surroundings can have a large effect on mood and overall wellness. Spending time in nature and other serene environments can be the perfect way to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

At Haven on the Lake, specific amenities have been designated with the purpose of leaving visitors refreshed and renewed. A cold plunge, crystal salt therapy room, hot tub, movement and relaxation pool, sauna, steam bath, and tropical rain shower comprise Haven’s healing environments. Members are provided free access to the healing environments and guests can purchase access for $25.

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