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Here at Haven on the Lake, we know a little something about relaxation. Doors open or not, stress relief remains our forte! 

Throughout COVID-19, our blog has covered the therapeutic power of meditation, mindfulness and nurturing connections ‘from a social distance’…but we’re not out of ideas yet! We know how tough it can be to relieve stress while stuck at home, which is why we put together some fresh inspiration for you all. It’s our sincere hope that the ideas below help you to navigate this time with a greater feeling of calm, ease and overall well-being.

Fill Up On Vitamin G

It’s oh so tempting to roll out of bed and reach straight for your smartphone but grounding yourself in gratitude first will start your day on a radically different note. Science shows that reflecting on the abundance in your life changes your entire outlook and mood for the better. Whether you choose to write in a journal or count your blessings as you sip your coffee, adopting a morning gratitude practice is one of the quickest routes out there to feeling more positive.

It’s also been said that the attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga…which leads us to our next tip 😉 

Get Your Yoga On

Just a little yoga goes a looong way when it comes to reclaiming your inner Zen! Your body benefits from movement, your mind benefits from stillness and your mood benefits from connecting to your breath. At Haven, we’re currently offering virtual yoga classes in various styles (check ‘em out on Facebook Live!). 

Best of all, you don’t need special equipment, super flexibility or any previous experience. There’s no such thing as being “good at yoga” and there’s also never been a better time to begin a home practice!

Connect To Your Breath

When we’re experiencing stress, most of us hold our breath without even realizing it. 4-7-8 breathing is a simple technique to help you drop back into your body, relieve anxiety and reset your nervous system. 

Here’s how: Close your mouth, and breathe in through your nose to a silent count of 4. Then, hold your breath for a count of 7. Finally, exhale through your mouth for a count of 8. Whenever you feel your stress start to spiral, repeat this cycle three times through for an instant calming effect.

Tap into Your Creativity

Expressing yourself through creativity is healing on multiple levels. You don’t have to be an “artsy” person to find a creative outlet and reap the anxiety-alleviating benefits, either! The options are endless whether you choose to paint, scrapbook, crochet, journal, doodle or try out new DIYs on Pinterest, letting your imagination run wild works wonders for your mood. Check out the CA at home webpage for extra inspiration and fun art activities for all ages! 

Nourish Yourself With Whole Foods

For many of us, extra stress is a gateway to emotional eating and gravitating toward unhealthy choices. The catch-22 is that in stressful situations, we need good nutrition — and the immune boost that comes with it more than ever. Eating a well-balanced diet of whole, nutrient-rich foods is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to take care of yourself right now. 

When you fuel your body with herbs, spices and ingredients that soothe stress, your health, mental state and energy levels will thank you! Plus, with all the extra time at home, there’s an opportunity to slow down and reframe cooking from a rushed chore to a pleasant and relaxed stress-relieving ritual.

Soak Up Natural Beauty

Isn’t it amazing how the awe of the sunrise or sunset never gets old? Just two months ago, there likely wasn’t space to fit “sky gazing” into your schedule. Now, you just might be able to carve out the time to infuse some wonder into your new stay-at-home routine. Nature is fuel for the soul, and enjoying this free show is sure to spark feelings of hope and peace while dissolving stress and tension.

Remember, we’re all in this together. We at Haven are hoping for the health and happiness of you and your loved ones during this time. Also, feel free to drop us a comment if there’s any topics you’d like to see covered on Haven’s blog in the future!