Regina Little

For more than 15 years, Regina (Gina) Little, a NYC native, has lived in Howard County and been a CA fitness instructor. Over the years, she has been fortunate to teach at all of the CA clubs as well as Haven, and has taught a variety of group fitness classes and formats. Her love of […]


The Skinny on Cellulite (Part 2)

Reduce cellulite: diet and exercise tips for cellulite sufferers By Tracy Dye Part 2 of our series examines how diet and exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Find more information below.  (Read part 1 here!) A diet for cellulite reduction According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, you can avoid cellulite by eating […]


Seven Caffeine-Free Ways to Boost Your Energy

Seven ways to boost energy levels without caffeine By Tracy Dye A cup (or three) of joe can boost your energy in the morning — but what happens when 2pm rolls around? To avoid the inevitable afternoon slump and increase your productivity, consider these seven caffeine-free energy boosters: Exercise Studies show that integrating some movement […]


Sweat it Out! Why Turning Up the Heat is Good for You

Turn up the heat to get more out of your workouts By Tracy Dye Your body’s personal HVAC system can do a lot more than just cool you down. Breaking a sweat comes with numerous benefits, from relieving stress to zapping zits. Safety first First, let’s take a look at some safety tips to keep […]


Six Days to a Healthier You: A Daily Checklist of Wellness Tips

Feel better, healthier in six days by Tracy Dye Improve your wellness in less than one week How do you achieve optimal wellness in order to lead a healthy, more fulfilling life? Holistically speaking, wellness is composed of several different dimensions that are inextricably linked. Your job, finances, environment, social life, emotions, spirituality and physical […]


Per the Governor's mandate, masks must be worn at all times in all indoor CA facilities. Masks must also be worn outdoors whenever it is not possible to maintain social distancing. The exception is that masks are not required while swimming and are optional but highly recommended in high-intensity cardio activities. For details and a list of exceptions, please see our Facility Guidelines and FAQs.

Thank you for helping to stop the spread!

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