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Relieve stress for the holidays

Relax for the holidays and relieve stress By Tracy Dye Part two of our holiday haven series offers ways for you to relax and relieve stress at Haven on the Lake. Below, find great, simple ways to lower your stress levels. Unwind in Haven’s healing environments A hot tub, steam bath, sauna, crystal salt therapy room […]


Meditation Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Relieve stress with meditation for a healthy holiday By Tracy Dye As joyful as the holiday season can be, it can also be a serious source of stress. Taking a break from the various tasks that come with the holidays (shopping, gatherings, fighting crowds, etc.) with some meditation can be exactly what your mind needs […]

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The Importance of Recharge and Me Time

Take time for you By Tracy Dye Social media and technology, a hefty workload, family, and friends can leave you feeling constantly — and overwhelmingly — connected. Even the most extroverted of individuals need a little “me time” in order to recharge. Research shows that partaking in supposedly “hedonic” activities, such as taking in a movie or dinner […]

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Mind body movement anywhere

Six mind body movement exercises you can do anywhere By Tracy Dye The great thing about mind body movement exercises is that many of them use your own bodyweight as resistance i.e., you don’t need to break out any fancy equipment or props to get a full-body workout. For this reason, mind body exercises are perfect […]