Reflecting on Haven’s Legacy with Anna Wagoner

If you’re a regular at Haven on the Lake, Anna Wagoner is likely a familiar and friendly presence. Since arriving at Haven, Anna has worn a variety of hats, from managing the front desk to working on the sales team.  Now, as we all work through Haven’s upcoming closure, Anna was kind enough to reflect […]


Where Will Haven’s Programs & Teachers Go?

With the upcoming closure of Haven, we’re working hard to make sure you can still access your favorite equipment, programs and teachers within CA. Our goal is to continue bringing our members the best experience possible by expanding our mind-body offerings and transitioning Haven team members to other CA facilities. More details will be forthcoming, […]


Reflecting on Haven’s Legacy with Kevin Shaffer

Since coming to Haven on the Lake as general manager in 2018, Kevin Shaffer has been a source of abundant optimism, humor and positive energy, even during the more difficult days of the pandemic.  Now, as we all work through Haven’s upcoming closure, Kevin was kind enough to reflect on his favorite memories and what […]

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Spring: The Perfect Time to Clear Your Energy

After what feels like the longest winter ever, spring is finally here with the promise of a new beginning. As the buds begin to blossom and the animals emerge from hibernation, it’s the perfect time to let go of the baggage that’s been weighing you down to enter the season feeling a little lighter. There’s […]