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Self-Care Is a Priority, Not a Privilege

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the lessons learned and consider our dreams and goals for the upcoming year. The past 12 months were anything but ordinary, and as a result, it’s possible that your New Year’s resolutions look dramatically different than in years past. While you may have been […]


Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Savasana

There’s two types of yogis: Those who live for savasana, and those who dread it.   If you fall into the latter category, we completely get it. The act of lying still in savasana is incredibly vulnerable. You may feel you don’t have a lot of control (heck, it’s known as ‘corpse pose’). And it can […]


How to Properly Clean Your Yoga Mat

Your yoga mat is many things: safety, sanctuary, a portal to greater inner peace.  With time, it can also get a little, er, funky. It’s all too easy to forget to give your mat some TLC after a blissed-out savasana, but germs and bacteria love sweaty places. And the last thing you want is an […]


3 Tips To Mastering Balance Poses in Yoga

Balance can be hard to come by, both on and off your yoga mat. If you’ve felt the frustration of weebling and wobbling more than usual lately, you’re not alone. Stressful times throw off our physical practice and make finding our equilibrium that much more difficult.  And when we consider the strength of the mind-body […]

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What Are The Yoga Sutras?

Part of the beauty of yoga is that it’s so much more than just a physical practice.  It’s hard to pinpoint when and how this awareness sets in. There’s something in the alchemy of moving, bending, breathing and letting go in savasana that begins to spark something deep inside. Often, it’s a more effortless feeling […]

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How Yoga Relieves Stress & Anxiety

“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” -Kahlil Gibran  It’s no overstatement to say our nervous systems have been through it this year. With our lives upturned by the pandemic, there’s never been a better time for yoga, which is a powerful tool for dealing with […]

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The Unique Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Ready to defy gravity? Aerial yoga is a wonderful way to inspire and enhance your regular practice — plus, it’s pretty darn fun to play acrobat for an hour. “Aerial yoga reminds me of playing on the monkey bars or tumbling in gymnastics,” said Samantha Orlando, Haven aerial yoga instructor. “It is in essence meant […]


The Benefits of Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Bringing another human into the world is the ultimate life-altering and transformative experience. During the pandemic, however, it can also be incredibly isolating.  Thankfully, the support of yoga can make all the difference in guiding you through this special time with greater ease, comfort and relaxation. Haven on the Lake is excited to offer a […]

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What Are The Kleshas?

Yoga philosophy might sound esoteric, but it holds a surprising amount of wisdom that can help us navigate modern life with greater ease. And let’s be real, there’s never been a better time to dive deeper into said philosophy than 2020, which has challenged all of us on multiple levels.  According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, […]


Why Dancing Is Great For Your Mind & Body

As far as total-body workouts go, dancing is a uniquely joyful experience. And after this rollercoaster of a year, it’s one of the best ways to shake off stress and reconnect with your zest for life. Gizelle Merced, LaBlast-named best dance teacher of the year, is bringing these benefits right to your living room with […]