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We know this community cares deeply for Haven on the Lake. You may have questions about the decision to close this special place. There are still plans that need to be finalized, but we hope the following responses help address some of your inquiries:


Why is Haven closing?

CA’s Board of Directors has approved the FY 2022 budget, which begins on May 1, 2021. As we continue to recover from the economic impacts of the global pandemic, there were many tough choices that had to be made across CA. Along with opening only 15 of our 23 outdoor pools, one of those difficult decisions was to cease operations at Haven on the Lake. 


When is Haven closing?

CA will cease operations at Haven on the Lake effective April 30, 2021.


What are you doing with the building? Can we rent the space?

CA has an active lease with Howard Hughes Corporation and continues to search for another tenant who might be interested in taking over the space. Anyone interested in renting the facility should contact Charles Fenwick at


Is there anywhere else that offers the classes and workshops I enjoy at Haven?

Our goal is to continue bringing our members the best experience possible, whether it is within the walls of Haven or elsewhere in the Columbia community. We are working to bring as many of Haven’s specialized classes as possible to the other CA facilities. In addition, we will continue to adjust our schedule of in-person and online group fitness classes, which already includes yoga, Barre Pilates and other mind and body offerings.

CA members also have access to the CA Group Fitness at Home Facebook page, where you can access a wide range of classes whenever is most convenient for you.


What will happen to the Haven team and my favorite instructors?

We know the instructors and staff at Haven are what make this place so special. CA will work to transition as many team members as possible to other facilities so they can continue serving you and this community. The details of that process are still being finalized.


What will happen to the equipment, like the Pilates reformers? Will there be an opportunity to purchase it?

CA will work to transfer as much of the specialized equipment as possible to other CA locations so members can continue to utilize it. The team continues to evaluate what is moving and where it’s going, so it is unclear whether there will be opportunities for the public to purchase that equipment.


Will I be able to use the cold plunge, salt room and other special amenities somewhere else?

Unfortunately, amenities like the cold plunge, salt room and spa that are currently located at Haven on the Lake cannot be relocated.


What does this mean for my membership? Will I have to pay my April dues? What are the cancellation policies? 

All Refresh and Revive memberships are currently being treated as a month-to-month membership that can be cancelled at any time. The last billing for Haven members will take place on March 18. Outside of Refresh and Revive, no other CA membership will be impacted by this decision. We will continue to honor class packs and gift cards until CA ceases operations at Haven. We are looking at other options for class packs and gift cards and will update these policies as soon as possible.


Is there any way Haven would stay open?

CA will not be operating Haven on the Lake effective April 30, 2021. We will keep the community posted on any prospective lessees and any possibility of the facility opening under new operators.


Who should I contact with questions about Haven?

You can read more information about the FY 2022 budget here. 

If you have additional questions about the future of Haven on the Lake, please contact Sports & Fitness Director Dan Burns at Click here for a message from Burns on what’s next for Haven.

CA will continue to add to this FAQ as we receive more inquiries. 

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