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Ready to roll out your yoga mat and experience the unique radiance of Triangle pose? 

Vibrant, heart-opening, expansive and strong, Trikonasana is an amazing pose to call on when we need a boost in energy or spirit. In Hinduism, Triangle represents Shakti, the feminine aspect of creation, so it’s also a wonderful way to tap into your feminine energy. 

That’s not all  — Triangle offers a deep stretch for the shoulders, chest, hips and thighs. It relieves stress, improves digestion, eases lower back pain and enhances overall balance (mentally and physically). It’s also known to be therapeutic for flat feet and sciatica.

To reap the full benefits of this posture, it’s important to understand the proper form. From this strong foundation, your Triangle will take off! 


Basics of Trikonasana 

Whenever we break down alignment in yoga, it’s helpful to start with our foundation: the feet. 

Depending on how tall you are, your feet will be about three and a half to four feet apart. Your stance is fairly wide in Triangle; it’s not quite as wide as a Warrior pose, but it’s a wider stance than Pyramid. For our purposes here, let’s say the right foot is in front and the left is in back. Turn your front foot out 90 degrees so that the toes point to the front of the mat, and the back foot at 45 degrees. Make sure your front heel intersects your back arch. 

Once your feet are established on terra firma, it’s time to turn your attention skywards! First, connect to your breath. Take a deep inhale, and raise your arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Exhale, reach your right arm to the right; bend from the hips to tilt your torso over the right leg, sending your hips to the left. Place your right hand on your shin, ankle, outside your front foot or on a block. 

As you spiral your heart upwards, make sure your shoulders are aligned one on top of another. Try to pull both shoulders back so you’re really opening the chest. Press through the outer edge of the back. If it’s comfortable, turn your gaze up to your fingertips (if you have neck problems, keep your gaze neutral). Stay connected to your breath in Triangle for as long as you’d like, and when you’re ready to exit the pose, inhale to lift to standing. 

triangle pose in yoga

Final Words on Triangle

As you find your unique expression of this asana, keep in mind that it’s far more important to keep your front leg straight than to rest your hand on the floor. In fact, it makes no difference if you touch the ground — your primary aim is to stretch the side body! Resist the temptation to bend that front knee and slump in the underbody. Remember, you want your torso to line up with the center of your front knee, which isn’t possible if our posture is collapsing.

Create lots of space between your ear lobes and shoulders, and check that your shoulders are in one long line from the top fingertips to the floor. It also helps to reach actively from fingertip to fingertip. 

If you feel unsteady in this pose, try placing your back foot against a wall. As you ground down through the legs, work on drawing energy up, through the spine and all the way to the crown. 

Also, one final consideration is to avoid resting your hand on your knee joint. Making sure your legs are wide enough apart can help take some pressure off the front knee. You’re always welcome to use a block, which makes it easier to equally straighten both sides of your torso, too.

Happy Trikonasana, everyone! 


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