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After what feels like the longest winter ever, spring is finally here with the promise of a new beginning.

As the buds begin to blossom and the animals emerge from hibernation, it’s the perfect time to let go of the baggage that’s been weighing you down to enter the season feeling a little lighter. There’s a reason spring cleaning feels so cathartic — making room for a fresh start helps clear your own energy in the process.

Ready to shake off the cobwebs and reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit? Here’s a few simple ideas to help inspire some “spring cleaning for the soul”…

Immerse Yourself in Water

For centuries, water immersion has been recognized for its purifying powers. Today, doctors agree with the ancient Greeks and Romans, who built huge communal baths over natural springs to soak up the healing properties.

Whether you prefer the Polar Bear plunge or a steamier swim, there’s plenty of research confirming the physical and energetic benefits of both temperatures. Ice baths have regenerative properties, helping to reduce inflammation and relax and repair muscles. Cold water immersion is also a major energy booster that has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Hot water soaks are great for reducing stress, pain and stiffness. 

Ready to release negativity and refresh your emotions? You can embrace Haven’s restorative amenities (including a hot tub and cold plunge), or enjoy a soothing bath at home. For even more of a calming effect, add Epsom salts, essential oils, rose petals or Himalayan sea salts.


Yoga & Meditation 

Yoga is known as a moving meditation, one that works on different levels to clear stuck emotions and clear the way for new possibilities. The practice uses pranayama (breathwork) and asana (yoga postures) to release energy blocks and tension in the physical body. 

The meditative component helps you draw your focus inward and consider a more self-aware vision moving forward. To experience these benefits yourself, check out Haven’s class schedule. Other forms of meditation and visualization are also helpful in keeping us clear and operating in a higher state of consciousness. For instance, you can visualize surrounding yourself with white light to help disperse negative energy.


 Look to Your Surroundings 

A thorough spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of the dirt and dust. Letting go of clutter is symbolic of letting go of the past so you can move forward with a fresh slate. A clean house really is a clear mind, so if you’re feeling “stuck,” it may be time to reconsider the items that no longer serve you. 

Once you’ve cleared out the old, you have the freedom to create more harmony in your environment. There’s no time like spring to refresh your home and surround yourself with accents and decor that inspire you. 

While you are decluttering your life, consider the people you spend your time with. Who makes you feel light, and who drains you? It may be time to surround yourself with people who enhance your mood and boost your energy. Journaling is one powerful tool for finding clarity around where you need to make adjustments in your life.


Cleanse Your Soul at Haven

Haven on the Lake provides a rejuvenating environment to give yourself the reset you’ve been craving. Check out our website to learn more, and wishing everyone a joyful spring!