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Ever feel like you’re hitting a wall in your yoga practice? Whether you’re feeling stiff, off-balance or just plain uninspired, Haven on the Lake’s yoga wall is the perfect solution. It will revive your routine and help you reach new heights (literally). 

Regardless of your skill level, you can think of the yoga wall as a prop that’s meant to enhance and support your practice, just like a block or bolster. The difference is you can’t get this unique experience and all of its benefits anywhere else  Haven is home to the only yoga wall in Howard County! 


Benefits of the Yoga Wall

First and foremost, you can trust that you will remain anchored to the wall (we promise!). Thanks to straps attached to the wall, a harness fully supports you while taking the pressure off your limbs and joints. 

This stabilizing effect is invaluable in helping you find deeper expressions of each yoga pose, as well as proper form. A fresh perspective and awareness of alignment carries into your regular mat practice, too. The straps lengthen the amount of time you can hold a posture, which amplifies all the mind-body benefits (hello, tension relief!). 

lady doing yoga on the wall

Here are a few more reasons to give Haven’s yoga wall a try:

  • Gives you the confidence to explore poses that you may have “written off.” 
  • Offers incredible versatility (can be used to lift, extend, assist, deepen… the list goes on and on!).
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Improves flexibility.
  • Increases the flow of energy through the body. 
  • Allows for greater creativity in your practice.
  • Makes yoga more accessible for a wide range of mobility ranges and injuries.
  • Decreases tension in your spine, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Activates muscle groups in new ways and allows for fresh insights into “familiar” poses.
  • Lets you turn your practice upside-down and reap the benefits of inversions, including improved circulation, digestion and energy levels.


Come Join Us For a 4-Week Yoga Wall Series

We are super excited about the upcoming “Great Yoga Wall: Spinal Rejuvenation Series,” led by instructor Ling Hanson. In this series, you will learn the foundations of the yoga wall by approaching yoga poses in a new, functional way to decompress the spine.

Each class will begin with a slow flow on the mat and then move to the yoga wall, where students will use wall props such as straps, sling belts, and blocks to allow access to the benefits of various poses for proper alignment. This series will emphasize self-care and healing practices to ease muscle tension in the entire body, deepen twists, create more space and hence mobility in the hip joints, and build strength in shoulder and arm muscles not usually found in traditional poses.

Each class will focus on a particular theme: neck and shoulder, hip openers, standing poses, twists, and gentle guided inversions. The goal of the series is to reduce or alleviate pain, muscle tension, and stiffness, while also working to proactively restore balance in the body by using presence and awareness as techniques for healing. Each class will be structured to adapt to all students, using multiple variations of each pose for different levels of experience and ability. All levels of students are welcome.

This series will take place February 7, February 14, February 21 and February 28, from 11:45am to 12:45pm. $80 for Haven members, $100 for CA/Refresh members, $120 for non-members.