Keeman Diop (left) during a match.

The Good Fight

Pro Kickboxer Keemaan Diop Uses Haven on the Lake’s Healing Environments to Knock Out Stress By Tracy Dye To stay in fighting shape, professional kickboxer Keemaan Diop slows down at Haven on the Lake. Diop, who graduated from Oakland Mills High School in 2013 and now lives in Silver Spring, uses Haven’s healing environments — […]


Crystal Clear: Treating Asthma and Allergies with Salt Therapy

Crystal Salt Therapy can aid in some ailments By Tracy Dye  Saying goodbye to summer is never easy. One thing that can make bidding beach trips, barbecues and sunshine adieu even more difficult is the onset of seasonal allergies. Allergic rhinitis — otherwise known as hay fever — normally begins in August and ushers in hay […]


Laugh it Up: The Healing Benefits of Humor

Ease tensions with a laugh By Tracy Dye Sometimes the simplest of things can have the most profound healing effects. Laughter truly can be the best medicine based on physiology. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter stimulates responses in the body that can ease stress, increase oxygenation, ease pain and even improve your immunity. Enjoying […]


Does deep breathing relieve stress?

Deep Breathing: An Instant Stress Reliever By Tracy Dye It’s one of the easiest and most accessible stress relievers. Deep breathing can quell anxiety, relax your body and mind and lead to clearer thinking. Not only can a clearer mind and calm demeanor lead to better productivity and quality of life – deep breathing techniques […]


Five Ways To Eliminate Work Stress

Eliminating your work stress by Trace Dye Is work stress consuming your life? A certain amount of strain in the workplace is unavoidable, but when stress begins to permeate each facet of your day, the effects can take a toll on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The standard 40-hour workweek has become nearly archaic […]