What is Pilates?

Created by Joseph Pilates, this system of exercises was designed to work the deep core muscles of the body in order to enhance performance in daily life and athletics. It can flatten your abs, shape your buttocks and legs, increase strength, invigorate the mind and improve posture, balance and coordination.

We offer a variety of options that will help you reach your wellness goals. At Haven on the Lake, you will find a quality of classical instruction, unequaled anywhere else, available in group, small group or private settings.


Ongoing classes
– Several different styles of Pilates are offered on a weekly basis based on Haven’s regular class schedule. Those with Revive memberships can take these classes for free. Other Haven members and non-members must pay a fee for each class. Monthly membership specials can be found at HavenforYou.org.

Haven Pilates Reformer


Level 1: Recommended for students with little or no experience. Includes exercises on the tower.

Level 1/2: Recommended for students with some Pilates experience. Includes exercises on the tower.

Level 2: Recommended for students with Pilates experience who want to delve into more advanced practice. 

Pilates Reformer $
55 minutes 

In a group setting, apply the Pilates methodology as performed on the Reformer and challenge yourself as you lengthen and strengthen your entire body, working with the spring resistance on a movable surface. Classes offered in different levels.

Cardio Reformer $
55 minutes 

A fun and challenging workout where the participant jumps horizontally to challenge muscles, strengthen the core, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and stretch tight areas in the body. This complete workout will shape and tone your entire body.


New to Pilates?

Pilates Primer — This one time option allows you to take three 45-minute sessions at a reduced cost. Your instructor will introduce you to the equipment and identify the best options for you.


$150 for Haven members, $180 for non-members

Want more one-on-one attention?


Privates Reformer is one-on-one instruction and great for those with any health concerns. Sessions are 55 minutes. 

Prices for Haven members*

one session, $75

four sessions, $300

eight sessions, $560

12 sessions, $780


Duets Reformer is a class with two participants and great for friends or family. Sessions are 55 minutes.

Prices for Haven members*

one session, $60

four sessions, $240

eight sessions, $440

12 sessions, $600

*Non-members pay $10 more per session for Privates and Duets.

Are group sessions (3-9 students) more your style?

Preferred Placement

Guarantee your spot by registering in advance! Registration opens 14 days before the first class of the month. Call 410-715-3020 or visit the front desk to register. 

Three-week sessions: $81 for Haven members, $96 for non-members

Four-week sessions: $108 for Haven members, $128 for non-members

Five-week sessions: $135 for Haven members, $160 for non-members

Class Packages

Do you want greater flexibility for which classes you attend? Members and non-members can purchase class packages and enjoy Pilates classes on a drop-in, space-available basis.

10-Class Package: $299 for Haven members, $339 for non-members 

*Unused classes expire 90 days after class package purchase.

5-Class Package: $159 for Haven members, $179 for non-members

*Unused classes expire 60 days after class package purchase. 

Purchase and registration: Class packages may be purchased at the front desk, by calling 410-715-3020, or online at https://havenonthelake.org/pilates-program-registration/. Revive members may register seven days in advance; Refresh members may register three days in advance, and non-members may register the day of the class. 

Cancellation: You must cancel at least 24 hours before class by calling 410-715-3020 or canceling online; you will receive a verification email. Cancelations occurring less than 24 hours before class will be considered a no-show and will result in loss of session.

Drop Into Individual Classes

Single class rate: $35 for Haven members, $40 for non-members 

Single classes may be purchased the day of the class on a space-available basis at the front desk, by calling 410-715-3020, or online at https://havenonthelake.org/pilates-program-registration/. 

We are here to help you on your Pilates journey. Our staff will help identify the best path for you to take. Contact us at 410-715-3020 or fill out the form below for more information.

Pilates Interest Form

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