What is Pilates?

Created by Joseph Pilates, this system of exercises was designed to work the deep core muscles of the body in order to enhance performance in daily life and athletics. It can flatten your abs, shape your buttocks and legs, increase strength, invigorate the mind and improve posture, balance and coordination.

We offer a variety of options that will help you reach your wellness goals. At Haven on the Lake, you will find a quality of classical instruction, unequaled anywhere else, available in group, small group or private settings.

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Ongoing classes
– Several different styles of Pilates are offered on a weekly basis based on Haven’s regular class schedule. Those with Revive memberships can take these classes for free. Other Haven members and non-members must pay a fee for each class. Monthly membership specials can be found at HavenforYou.org.

Small Group – Small group classes include the Pilates Reformer and Mat Tower and are offered in three-, four- or five-week sessions* at a discounted price per class. We are now also offering a drop-in option**, where you can register for a single small group training class at any time in order to better fit your schedule. Click here for a schedule of small group classes. If our schedule does not match yours, we invite you to create your own group! Identify a group, find the best times for you, contact us, and we will do our best to find an instructor. Non-members participating in a small group training class can use the Haven on the Lake healing environments following their scheduled lesson (no extra cost). We invite you to connect with us if you have further questions.

Privates and Duets – Private and Duet Reformer options are available in packages of four, eight and 12 sessions. Reformers are the most popular pieces of Pilates equipment and one of Joseph Pilates’ original inventions. There are more than 100 movements created for the Reformer, each dependent and built upon the other.

If you are brand new, we also offer a Pilates Primer private package. This one time option allows you to take three 45-minute sessions at a reduced cost. Your instructor will introduce you to the equipment and identify the best options for you.

We are here to help you on your Pilates journey. Our staff will help identify the best path for you to take. Contact us at 410-715-3020 or fill out the form below for more information.

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Pilates Privates and Duets Class Descriptions

PILATES REFORMER (Private or Duet) The Reformer, the most popular piece of equipment, is one of Joseph Pilates’ original inventions. He believed beginning exercise in the horizontal plane was important to relieve the stress and strain on joints and to align the body before adding additional gravitational forces through the central axis while standing, sitting or kneeling.

REFORMER GROUPS In a group setting, apply the Pilates methodology as performed on the Reformer and challenge yourself as you lengthen and strengthen your entire body working with the spring resistance on a movable surface. Classes are offered in different levels.

MAT Improve flexibility, build strength, develop control, endurance, and a strong core while performing the series of exercises created by Joseph Pilates on a mat.

MAT TOWER Stretch and strengthen your body while working on the Pilates Mat and attached Tower. The Tower has arm and leg springs for lengthening the body and bars to add resistance. You will feel stronger and longer after every class.

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