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Improved Health With Aqua Barre

by Tracy Dye

Megan Cooperman’s zest for teaching and passion for helping others is evident. Those who participate in her Aqua Barre classes at Haven on the Lake will notice she always has a smile on her face. “For me, I love teaching,” she said. “I love to have that smile and make people feel good. My background is also in counseling and helping people.”

Before being selected as one of Haven’s many great instructors, Cooperman was a Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Arts for Dance and trained in the dance department while at Goucher College. She also performed at the Kennedy Center, various corporate conventions, in hospitality promotional videos, and was a dancer at almost 100 bar and bat mitzvahs. While working on her Master’s Degree in Counseling at the University of Maryland, Cooperman transitioned to teaching fitness. Her eclectic set of skills are evident during her instruction.

Along with other instructors at Haven, Cooperman works to tailor the soothing movements in Aqua Barre to each individual’s needs.

Feeling The Difference

Aqua Barre offers the benefits of barre with the added comfort and resistance derived from water.

“The difference is that — in the water — you have the gravity,” Cooperman said. “You’re basically buoyant and the weight is not there, so you can do a lot more jumping. In the pool, you can jump all you want, because you’re basically weightless there. You’re not going to feel the same impact.”

The class caters to all levels of fitness and provides added benefits to those who may be experiencing challenges in regular barre classes. The soothing effects of water can be a perfect compliment for those students experiencing:

  • Pregnancy
  • Difficulty in traditional barre classes
  • Injury

“You get the same kind of core workout and strengthening, but it’s in a more subtle environment,” Cooperman said. “However, for people who are intense — you can make it intense.”

Instruction Tailored To Your Needs

Cooperman and other instructors offer optional modifications to different poses in order to allow students of all ages and fitness levels to exceed their expectations.

“We’re all about meeting the needs of everybody,” she said. “Aqua Barre is soothing. I feel that some people — myself included — love the water and its relaxing movement; but it works for everybody. It really is the type of class that everyone can do.”

Like other instructors at Haven, Cooperman aims to offer a holistic experience that augments mind, body and spirit health in each individual. Haven’s serene environment and soothing ambience helps complete this task.

The Soothing Effects Of A Holistic Retreat

“When I walk into Haven as an employee, I feel de-stressed,” Cooperman said.

Coupled with its gorgeous aesthetics is a specific aroma that permeates Haven’s halls. Soothing melodies and harmonious strings add to this ambience, which leave visitors feeling transported. Columbia Association has worked arduously to create a one-of-a-kind space. While the retreat itself can ameliorate stress, the specialists and instructors at Haven offer compassion and warmth to every individual entering our doors.

“I can tell you from experience that the people working here — and the people I’ve met, too, who are taking classes — are very caring,” Cooperman said. “People are happy to see each other. Everyone’s in a very good frame of mind and a very zen kind of place. When you’re around other people who are feeling that way, you feel that way. You kind of let go of whatever is on your mind.”

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