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Five ways to eat mindfully

By Tracy Dye

When you are feeling stuck or stressed, it can be easy to go on autopilot ﹘﹘ particularly during mealtimes. Overeating and/or undereating due to stress can disrupt your natural hunger cues, leading to issues like fatigue, reduced productivity and weight gain.

Life coach, wellness consultant and founder of Empowered Living, LLC, Julie Reisler, has had personal experience with the detrimental effects of mindless eating. Reisler changed her life with powerful coaching and so can you!

On July 30, Reisler will lead a workshop on experiential mindful eating at Haven on the Lake. This workshop will teach you how to add attention and intention to eating in order to become more in tune with your body. You will also learn how to accomplish a mindful eating experience in a short period of time, so even those with the busiest lifestyles can benefit.

Find more information and ticket prices here or visit Haven’s events page.

Want a preview? Below, check out five tips to help you enjoy a more mindful eating experience.  

5. Turn down the volume

The ability to engage your senses while eating can lead to a more mindful, satisfying experience. Eliminate distractions by finding a quiet place to eat and set your phone to vibrate. If you work in an office, try to avoid eating at your desk.

4. Identify your motivation for eating

Motivations for eating aren’t always dictated by basic hunger cues. Stress, boredom and even dehydration (more on that in a bit) can all contribute to a snack attack. When you take a moment to pay attention to your body, you can curb unnecessary cravings and learn how to better respond to hunger cues.

3. Slow down

Work and home demands alike can force you to operate at a fast clip. This bustling pace can make things like, say, chewing seem like a lost art. Whether it’s trying to squeeze in a snack between meetings or eating off your child’s plate in lieu of making your own lunch, rushed eating equates to mindless eating.

Take time to consciously chew and taste your food. Mindful mastication promotes healthy digestion, weight loss and better nutrient absorption.

2. Plan ahead

Sometimes the ability to eat mindfully comes down to some simple planning. Pack your lunch for work the night before. Designate a drawer in your office for healthy snacking. If you have an erratic schedule, set a reminder on your phone to alert you as to when to eat.

1. Keep hydrated

When it comes to water, you’ve always been told to drink, drink, drink ﹘﹘ and for good reason. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger, which can lead to overeating if you don’t satiate your need for H2O. Keep a bottle or tumbler of water with you throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Take your success to the next level

Becoming mindful is one integral part of achieving overall wellness. Haven offers a broad menu of services to help you recover, rejuvenate and reconnect. For more information, call 410-715-3020.

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