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It doesn’t get much better than yoga nidra. Referred to as “yogic sleep,” this ancient practice facilitates healing on a physical, emotional and mental level — and the best part is, all you need to do is lie down and relax to reap the benefits.

At Haven on the Lake, we’re excited to combine the therapeutic powers of yoga nidra and acupuncture in our upcoming Yoga Nidra and Acupuncture workshops on Sunday, October 25, 2020 and Sunday, November 22, 2020, open to both members and non-members. To sign up, call 410-715-3020 or register online at

How Yoga Nidra Works 

Wondering how such profound healing is achieved from lying down? The answer lies in the power of visualization and conscious relaxation, plus a calming ear treatment provided by our resident acupuncturist Hannah Jefferson. The yoga nidra portion is led by Haven instructor Beth MacMullan, who uses guided visualization to help ease you into that sweet, often-elusive state between being awake and asleep. 

Here, you’re able to reset your nervous system and awaken a subconscious awareness that encourages greater overall well-being. There’s zero physical postures or stretching involved it’s all about total rest in savasana. The wonderful thing is that anyone and everyone can participate, regardless of age, fitness level or background. 

“The energy in the room after yoga nidra is palpable. It’s one of total stress relief, like floating on clouds,” said MacMullan. “This practice helps you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition, which can get so buried under all the day-to-day issues we deal with.”

MacMullan believes that yoga nidra is the most important practice of this stressful time even more so than our physical practice. So many of us are living in perpetual fight-or-flight mode, and too often we wait until the cortisol flooding our bodies causes us to crash and burn. This state is all about survival, and everything else (digestion, tissue repair, even the function of your memory) is put on the backburner. It’s only when we’re proactive about activating the parasympathetic nervous system that we can calm the body, center ourselves and thrive.

“We need replenishing, restorative practices that teach your body to relax and your nervous system to repair itself,” said MacMullan. “Yoga nidra has so many positive effects, from lowering your blood pressure to improving sleep. In fact, it’s similar to two to three hours of regular sleep; and even up to five hours according to some sources.”

Interested in joining us for some total relaxation?

There’s 10 spots available, so don’t forget to reserve your spot. This workshop is $25 for Revive members, $30 for Refresh and CA members, and $35 for non-members. The name of the game is relaxation, so wear comfy clothes and bring a mat, blanket, small towel and any other props (such as a pillow, blanket or bolster) to support the body. MacMullan’s final pro tip: Bring two yoga mats for an extra cushiony experience! 

If you’d prefer to tune in virtually, you’re welcome to join us via Google Meet (an email will be sent 24 hours prior to the workshop with the Google Meet link). For virtual participants, pricing is $15 for Revive members, $30 Refresh and CA members and $35 for non-members.