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Keep fascia healthy to reduce pain and discomfort

By Tracy Dye

Everyone experiences aches and pains from time to time. Sometimes the cause of this pain can be relatively straightforward — muscle soreness after an intense workout, migraines or recovery from surgery. But other ailments tend to be more elusive. Maybe you’ve developed a stiffness in your neck that causes you discomfort throughout the day, or muscle knots in your upper and lower back have you contemplating a massage. The culprit for these mystery aches and pains could be fascia.

Part 2 of our series examines ways to eliminate pain by taking care of your fascia. Read part 1 by clicking here.

Roll it out

Think of those tight, sore muscles as some wadded up bread dough. Much like a rolling pin, foam rolling can help you stretch and smooth out fascia in order to move and feel better.

CA’s fitness clubs have foam rollers available for use, and you can also purchase your own. At Haven on the Lake, a Roll ‘n’ Release class is available to help you learn foam rolling techniques as well as self-massage in order to achieve a state of wellness and relaxation.


Along with the various health benefits that come from regularly stretching, extending your muscles in different ways can keep your fascia loose and limber and prevent adhesions from forming. There are many ways to stretch things out at Haven, like taking a mind body movement class such as yoga, Pilates, aqua and more.


Stress and anxiety can cause muscles to repeatedly contract, leaving them stiff and sore. Over time, this continued contraction can lead to myofascial pain syndrome — a condition that is characterized by persistent muscle pain and difficulty sleeping.

Although some stress is inevitable, there are strategies to decrease the amount of stress in your life and protect your fascia. Meditation is a quick and easy stress reliever that has also been shown to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the chance of brain decline. Learn more about the benefits of meditation and how to meditate here.  


When you become dehydrated, your fascia can also become dry and parched. To keep your fascia loose and limber, try to drink approximately three liters of water (12.6 cups) a day. Along with staving off muscle soreness, staying hydrated is beneficial to kidney function and decreases the risk of decline. Bottoms up!

Discover more

Along with a variety of mind body classes and healing environments, Haven features a variety of special events and workshops to help you recover, reconnect and revive. Find a full listing of events (and how you can host your own) here. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest happenings.


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