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The holidays bring cheer, but they can also bring challenges. The average person consumes a whopping 7,000 calories on Christmas day — more than three times the recommended daily intake. Temptation awaits on the other days of the month as well, with candy and treats around the office or given as gifts.

But you can still enjoy a day of delicious goodies without tipping the scale. Below are some holiday tips and tricks, as well as some recipes to help you ring in the new year on a healthy note.

Eat Mindfully

If you want to be merry while you eat and drink, make sure that you don’t rush said merriment. Mindful eating involves engaging all five senses and an appreciation for food that makes mealtime a beneficial and enjoyable experience. Click here for five ways to eat mindfully.

Pack Your Plate with Fiber and Protein

Eating a meal that contains lean proteins (such as turkey, chicken, fish or tofu) and fiber (such as beans, fruits, vegetable and whole grains) provides feelings of fullness. Making sure that your plate is packed with these two things can help you stay satisfied and prevent overeating. Click here to learn more.

Try These Healthier Versions of Holiday Favorites

The following recipes cut tons of fat and calories from holiday staples without sacrificing taste.

Discover More

Are you a Haven on the Lake member? To help you greet the new year, we will be sharing healthy recipes with our members. Visit the front desk to receive a recipe. Click here to learn more about our membership plans or call 410-715-3020.

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