lady standing by wall 150Over the last decade, crystal salt therapy has emerged as a new form of complementary and alternative medicine. Salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is an ancient European healing technique used to treat common respiratory ailments and skin conditions. Salt therapy has been shown in clinical studies to have a beneficial effect in providing relief from many common respiratory ailments (e.g., asthma, sinusitis, hay fever) and skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

What to Expect

Our Crystal Salt Room is designed to provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment that allows you to immerse yourself in a beautiful salt oasis where you’ll experience the beneficial effects of this soothing and healing therapy. Twinkling lights resemble a starlit sky and meditative music is played to further relaxation. Salt is infused through the air and is also emitted by a wall of beautiful Himalayan salt bricks. 

Crystal salt therapy sessions are 40 minutes long and require a reservation. For the benefit and comfort of all our guests, please maintain silence and refrain from using electronics during your session.

To book a session call 410-715-3020

Learn More About Crystal Salt Therapy

Haven’s Crystal Salt Room is one of our most popular amenities. Along with clinical studies that validate the potential benefits of salt therapy, several members and guests have left our Crystal Salt Room ready to offer rave reviews about their experience. Salt therapy is beneficial on its own, but the effects can be enhanced when combining your session with our other amenities (including a cold plunge, steam bath, sauna, tropical rain shower, hot tub and more).

To find out more detailed information, click here. You can also speak with one of our experienced wellness professionals by calling 410-715-3020.