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Five ways to take advantage of nature

By Tracy Dye

Want to feel happier and more energized? Go outside. With the gray days of winter behind us, now is the perfect time to soak up the sun and connect with Mother Earth.

Getting more in touch with nature provides a host of benefits, according to research. Several studies have shown that exploring natural settings can be a predictor of happiness. Connecting to nature can also inspire you to take on a more active role in preserving the earth.

A series of studies conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester and published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that experiencing nature in a variety of forms — even through imagination — led to an increase in happiness and energy. Participants who were exposed to natural settings or instructed to imagine themselves in nature experienced greater vitality.

Take a look at a few ways you can reap the benefits of nature in your everyday life.

Spruce up your office

Spruce up your home and/or office with some shrubbery. Decorate your desk with a plant or photos of your favorite scenes in nature.

Go on a hike

Take advantage of nice weather by grabbing some friends and taking a hike on a scenic trail in your area. This activity will embed you in nature while also offering up some exercise.

Take a horticulture class or plant a garden

Look up horticulture classes in your area and harness your green thumb. Gardening boasts several rewards, from stress relief to brain power.

Take a walk

Even if you live in a city, taking a walk brings you closer to the elements. Soak up some sunshine by taking a walk.

Sign up for a mind body class

Mind body classes like pilates, tai chi, yoga and qigong utilize imagery to guide you through the various movements. This way, you don’t even have to be physically embedded in the natural world to reap the benefits.

Find Natural Wellness at Have on the Lake

Each mind body studio at Haven on the Lake offers a picturesque view of Lake Kittamaqundi. Visionary developer and founder of Columbia, James Rouse, ensured that elements of nature played a prominent role in the essence of the community. In the heart of Downtown Columbia, Lake Kittamaqundi is a prime example of this vision.

Haven also hosts Outdoor Community Yoga on the Lake every second Sunday from May to September, barring inclement weather conditions. Learn more and register here or call us at 410-715-3020.



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