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Robyn Lindsey shows off her fancy footwork at CA facilities and abroad

By Tracy Dye

Part two of our feature on instructor, Robyn Lindsay, includes how you can learn to samba like a pro this month, as well as how to achieve a ballerina physique without cutting a rug. See part one here.

Over the summer, Lindsey is planning on teaching a variety of workshops that will offer a more expansive view of ballroom dance styles to help you hit the dance floor that night.

“I want to offer something that will delve a little deeper than some of the other classes and social dances we’ve had,” she said. “The goal of the workshops will be to provide you with the tools so that you can confidently dance that particular style when the workshop is done.”

For more information on this and other upcoming events, please call 410-715-3020 or visit

If you’re not too keen on cutting a rug, but are interested in the fitness benefits of dance, Lindsey and other instructors at Haven teach a Ballet Barre class. The class combines use of weights, floor exercises, Pilates and stretching.

“It offers everything a ballerina does without the choreography,” Lindsey said. “You can still achieve that toned, ballerina physique without actually dancing.”

Despite the lack of jumps and pirouettes, Lindsey said that this and other dance-based classes at Haven and CA’s three fitness clubs offer unique benefits that can’t be found in other forms of exercise and mind body movement.

“There’s an artistic aspect to dance and dance-based classes that you can’t find in many other activities,” she said. “It’s one of the few physical activities that really marries the physical, mental and the spiritual parts of wellness. I love being able to help people experience that.”

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There are several healing mind body movements that you can practice daily. Finding time to take a mind body class (or several) will help you perfect your form and discover a practice that best meets your personal goals.

At Haven on the Lake, mind body classes are available for a broad range of levels, backgrounds and interests. For more information, click here or call 410-715-3020. 

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