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Meet Julie Reisler, Haven instructor

By Keithan Samuels

Julie Reisler, a certified personal trainer with a Master’s Degree in health and wellness coaching, is the CEO of Empowered Living LLC, a Life Design Coaching and Personal Development company. Julie coaches and works with individuals and groups both privately and in the workplace.
Julie received her Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health and also is a certified Mindful Eating Specialist and certified Pilates and Barre instructor. Julie will also be publishing her first book, Get a PhD in YOU this fall. Julie is all about helping her clients to design a life they love through powerful one on one coaching, group coaching, sessions and inspirational speaking engagements.Julie will be leading a few workshops at Haven on the Lake this summer including Creating a Successful Mindset: Easier Than You Think (For Your Mind) with Julie Reisler, Experiential Mindful Eating Session (For Your Soul) with Julie Reisler and Mindful Movement: Barefoot Style (For Your Body) with Julie Reisler.
Check out our Q&A with Julie below.
What’s one reason why mindful eating is important?

Julie: Most of us live life on autopilot and end up eating a meal with no concept or focus on what we ingested. Mindful eating, like any mindfulness practice, helps us learn to slow down, breathe, increase our presence and attention to what we’re eating. For many, it can be a new way of being and can take patience, practice and compassion. Mindful eating can also help with mindless eating and overeating!

What’s your favorite type of food?
Anything that grows in the ground or on a tree. I try and stay away from processed foods or anything with a bar code. I love fresh berries, spinach, the whole egg, anything in the coconut family, avocados and sweet potatoes with cinnamon. 🙂
What exactly is mindful movement?
Mindful movement means tuning in fully to your body — whether it’s yoga, a fitness class or walk in nature — and moving with intention, attention, connection and compassion.
What can students expect when participating in any of your classes?
My classes are transformative learning, not just informational learning. While I do intend to share engaging and potentially new information, it’s about connecting to my students and what’s most important to them. My sessions are always experiential and involve student interest, questions and sharing.
What do you love most about teaching at Haven?
I love the focus on mind-body-spirit and creating an atmosphere of self-care, self-love, healing and wellbeing. It is a natural fit for what’s important to me and what I stand for. In taking many of the Haven mind-body yoga, pilates and barre classes myself, I have been incredibly impressed with the focus on being a healing presence, catering to all levels of wellbeing and high quality teaching. Haven is certainly a gem!

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