The following guidelines have been developed in an effort to support the peaceful and serene wellness retreat environment at Haven on the Lake:

  • Please use quiet voices in all areas of the retreat as voices can carry and take away from the relaxation experience.haven outdoor building sign
  • We ask that you respect the serenity of the retreat by taking all phone calls outside of the retreat. Please put your cell phones in silent mode for texting and use headphones to listen to music.
  • Please use headphones/earphones with all electronic devices at all times so the devices do not disturb the retreat environment.
  • To protect the safety and value of all memberships, all members and guests are required to check in at the reception desk as they enter the retreat.
  • Haven on the Lake is an adult (18 years+) facility. Parents bringing their children (6 weeks to 13 years) to KidSpace should enter the retreat on the north side of the building and drop their kids off at KidSpace prior to entering the retreat.
  • Please wear robes or other cover-ups over swimsuits and slippers or other footwear while in the lobby of the retreat.
  • Please do not bring food with strong aromas into the retreat as that interferes with the Haven signature scent that permeates the environment.
  • The temperature of the various amenities in the Healing Environments are set to maximize enjoyment and for optimum therapeutic benefit. Thank you for not adjusting the temperature of any of the amenities.
  • Food is not permitted in the healing environments and all beverages must be in non-breakable containers or cups.
  • Please maintain the peaceful and serene retreat environment in the crystal salt room by talking quietly, using head/earphones, refraining from wearing heavy perfumes or scented oils and refraining from disruptive activities.
  • For your own safety and that of others, please do not enter a mind body class or the salt room once the class/session has started.
  • Haven’s customized scent amenities (lotion, shampoo, body wash, etc) are for use within the retreat. Please do not remove them.
  • Aqua mind body classes take place in the pool housed within Haven’s healing environments. There may be an increase in noise during these times depending on the class type and intensity. If you would like to plan your experience around these times, please refer to Haven’s class schedule.