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Rockin’ out with Rock ‘n Flow Yoga

By Tracy Dye

Want to have a productive Monday? Let loose on Friday!

Rocking out can improve your health when yoga is thrown into the mix. Rock ‘n Flow at Haven on the Lake pairs an energetic vinyasa flow with some of your favorite songs from the past and present. Whether you are a longtime yogi or complete novice, this upbeat class will foster a sense of fun and creativity to kick off your weekend.

Each month will feature a different theme, ranging from ‘90s nostalgia to Woodstock. To add to the fun, participants are encouraged to dress up.

“I want students to feel like they can embrace that silly, creative side of themselves when they come to a class,” said yoga instructor Kennedy Melchiona, who will be leading Rock ‘n Flow at Haven. “Music provides an avenue that guides you toward becoming a happier, more balanced person.”

Melchiona’s love of music has been a lifelong one, but her passion for yoga was spurred initially as a form of recovery. After suffering frequent injuries from dance training, Melchonia gravitated toward yoga in order to keep from being sidelined. She said that yoga hastened her recovery time and — as a result — she did not need to seek physical therapy.

But the benefits of yoga extend far beyond the physical. Research has shown that the modality has tremendous effects on the mind. Several studies have found that practicing yoga can relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress disorders. Comparably, music has been shown to relieve symptoms of pain and elevate mood. It’s no wonder that so many instructors have taken to pairing yoga with a soundtrack.  

“Music is yoga,” said Shayna Freedman, Haven’s mind body yoga supervisor. “The power of music is its ability to illuminate the deepest parts of ourselves and bring people together.”

Melchiona said that bringing people together is one of her favorite parts of teaching at Haven. The inclusive wellness retreat caters to a diverse community.

“Here, you can leave all judgment at the door,” she said. “There’s nothing you can’t do through yoga.”

Ready to rock?

Rock ‘n Flow classes are held every Friday, 7:30-8:45pm. Starting in September, live bands will be slated to perform during one class a month. For more information, call 410-715-3020 or email A complete listing of mind body classes can be found here.


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