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Busting a move can boost your mood — there’s a reason “dance” and “party” are usually in the same sentence — but it’s also so much more than that. 

Dancing offers unique health perks that can’t be achieved by other low-impact cardio workouts, whether you prefer a country swing or a saucy rumba. 

At Haven on the Lake, you don’t have to choose just one style of dance — you can try ‘em all! Haven’s Ballroom Dance socials, led by LaBlast-named best dance teacher of the year Gizelle Merced, keep you on your toes with a new style on the fourth Friday of each month.

Interested in dancing the night away at an upcoming social? Click here to see our upcoming schedule. Register at the front desk or by calling 410-715-3020. Mocktails served. Dance shoes preferred; no sharp heels. 

Read on to learn more about all the awesome benefits of dancing at Haven on the Lake!

The Benefits of Dancing

While dancing torches calories and gets your heart rate up, the beauty is that you’re not just staring at these numbers like you would on a treadmill. Instead, you’re socializing, enjoying music, and having a blast. Seriously… how often do you see someone do the foxtrot with a frown?

This fun factor allows you to get more out of your workout, for benefits like increased balance, coordination, agility, heart health, energy levels and, of course, stress relief. 

“Dancing is the most joyful way to express yourself,” says Merced. “Each dance lets you tap into a different side of your personality. At Haven, we cover everything you see on ‘Dancing With the Stars’: rumba, cha-cha, salsa, swing, foxtrot and more.”

Low-impact and free-flowing, dancing is an inclusive workout that allows you to speed up or slow down at your own pace. By engaging in a wide variety of moves, you also avoid repetitive wear-and-tear on your joints. What’s more, switching it up and learning new steps keeps your brain sharp and reverses volume loss in the hippocampus, which controls memory. 

All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend Haven’s monthly Ballroom Dance nights (that includes those who believe they have two left feet!). The first 45 minutes focus on learning and building confidence; after that, the real fun begins with an open dance and music. You’re free to come solo or with friends — we always rotate partners, so you don’t have to worry about being sidelined.