Water Workouts for Health, Healing and Injury Prevention

Work out in the water for health, healing and injury prevention By Tracy Dye In ancient times, people gathered at springs, baths and pools for water’s enigmatic healing properties. Today, the benefits of hydrotherapy aren’t so mysterious. Through scientific research and the use of aquatic exercise as a form of rehabilitative therapy, we have a […]


Water Workouts for Pain Relief, Strength and Recovery

Work out in the water to relieve pain, recover and boost strength By Tracy Dye Regular exercise and activity can prevent injury, improve mood, increase longevity and even help you maintain a youthful appearance. But what happens when working out turns into an actual pain? Athletes and fitness buffs can get sidelined by injuries and soreness; […]


Per the Governor's mandate, masks must be worn at all times in all indoor CA facilities. Masks must also be worn outdoors whenever it is not possible to maintain social distancing. The exception is that masks are not required while swimming and are optional but highly recommended in high-intensity cardio activities. For details and a list of exceptions, please see our Facility Guidelines and FAQs.

Thank you for helping to stop the spread!

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