About Christine Twele

Christine Twele has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Past experience includes managing fitness programs that served corporate and community clients, managing a spa and fitness facility and owning her own fitness company that served the needs of over 500 residents of southwest Florida. 

Christine’s teaching experience includes circuit, aqua, cardio and strength training. She is a certified Aerial Yoga, HKC Kettlebell and Group Fitness instructor, and is trained in TRX Foundations and Group Fitness. Christine is thrilled to be teaching at Haven, and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to her class participants’ health and well-being.

What class/classes do you teach at Haven?

TRX, Aerial Yoga and Aerial Conditioning.

What is your favorite form of mind body movement or lesson you teach, and why?

Aerial Yoga and TRX. Both use suspension equipment to allow students to enjoy exploring moving the body in different ways that are enabled by the suspension apparatus. Lots of opportunities for mind body connection as well!

What is your favorite song or type of music you listen to when teaching?

Current music that brings energy to the room and supports the type of movement we are doing in class.

What inspires you?

The opportunity to bring something positive to someone else’s day!

What is a quote or mantra that you live by? 

Just breathe.

What is your haven? 

Contributing something positive to someone’s day and (close second) any time I am dancing!