About Heather Thamer

Heather Thamer has been teaching since 2004, is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) at the 500-hour level,  certified cancer exercise specialist, and has also completed her 300-hour RYT training. She also hold certifications as a Warriors at Ease teacher (a specialized training for the military community), and Yoga for Amputees (Y4).  Heather teaches yoga for a broad range of skill levels and also those affected by special conditions and illness. Her classes are a blend of the styles in which she has been trained, including Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa and therapeutic.

Heather continues to supplement her teachings by regularly attending workshops with a restorative and therapeutic focus. She also holds a master’s degree in special education and constantly aspires to providing enriching yoga instruction for students of all ages and abilities. Heather’s style of teaching combines breath, meditation, movement and principles of alignment in a mindful way that encourages the student to find inner peace and connect with their inner joy.

In addition to her love for yoga, Heather enjoys kayaking, cooking with a healthy twist, reading, being outdoors and spending time with her family. A yoga practitioner for half of her life (more than 20 years), she loves to learn about the healing benefits of yoga, meditation and nutrition and believes that all three are powerful tools in leading a full, balanced and vibrant life.

What is your favorite form of mind body movement or lesson you teach, and why?
Seeing that I am a yoga teacher, my favorite form to teach in classes is the sun salutations (surya namaskar), because they include a variety of poses and build heat within the body, warming the muscles and joints as well as moving the prana (life force) through. Modifying the sequence for different levels of practitioners is great fun for me as I strive to bring an enjoyable experience regardless of condition, disability or experience.

What is your favorite song or type of music you listen to when teaching?
My favorite artists to practice yoga to are Todd Boston and Snatum Kaur. They are very different from one another but inspiring in their own way!

What inspires you?
Individuals who serve others inspire me beyond measure. Those who serve in the military, law enforcement, the medical field and whose life work is to better the lives of others inspire me every day.

What is a quote that you live by?
My favorite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi: “The best way to find yourself is in the service to others.”

What is your haven?
My haven is my yoga mat and my kayak. Yoga provides a space in which I can connect to myself. Even though I may only have 15 minutes most days to practice, just having that space allows me to reconnect with my intentions. The intentions of compassion, patience, empathy, courage — just to name a few — remind me to try to move through this world in a positive way. And my kayak is second place to my yoga mat. When kayaking, I feel a peacefulness and strong connection to nature, deepening my appreciation for all of the beauty around us.


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