About Katie Ficca

Born and raised in Maryland, Katie Ficca began her journey on the mat at the age of 18. Katie enjoys the flow of vinyasa and finds it mirrors her life. A love for playfulness on the mat led her to aerial yoga. Taking her practice to new heights has brought her such happiness and freedom. Off the mat, Katie echoes this joy by trying new things, going on adventures with her family, and taking in all that life has to offer. She is excited to share all the benefits she has explored through yoga in order to shift some perspectives of the practice and give a more approachable space for everyone to experience. 

Katie is certified in Baby & Me Yoga, Radiant Child Yoga, 200-hr Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga, and SUP Yoga. 

What class/classes do you teach at Haven?

Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Meditation.

What is your favorite form of mind body movement or lesson you teach, and why?

Aerial is my favorite, since it takes all the weight of the world off you and allows you to feel fully free from everything.

 What is your favorite song or type of music you listen to when teaching?

My music is all over the place, but lately I lean into upbeat instrumental music.

What inspires you?

My students inspire me. They are my greatest teachers, like a reflection. They help me grow and learn. My children also inspire me the same and make me want to be better.

What is a quote or mantra you live by?

“There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

What is your haven?

My current haven is my home, but the beach always lends itself to be a piece of perfection for me as well. The breath and my practice have a good way of emulating that, so that’s also a close second.