About Krysta French

Krysta French

For Krysta, yoga is more than simply a physical practice; it is a way to challenge and center the mind, an approach to tap into the ebb and flow of life, and a place to not take yourself too seriously.

Krysta began practicing yoga as a way to further her knowledge about human anatomy and exercise. She received her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200-hour certificate at YogaWorks in 2013 (then known as Charm City Yoga) under the guidance of Kim Manfredi. Through her steady practice and heartfelt listening, Krysta has found a way to navigate through life’s challenges and struggles, and a path to a more blissful and soulful life.

Krysta offers a rejuvenating and powerful approach to Vinyasa yoga. Encouraging students to develop a curiosity and deep appreciation for their incredible bodies and minds, she challenges them to take risks, and never stop growing. Focusing on both physical and mental strength, Krysta’s classes cultivate mindfulness, self-acceptance and compassion. Expect to leave her classes feeling grounded, blissful and with a reawakened zest for life.

What is your favorite form of mind body movement or lesson you teach, and why?

I absolutely love sun salutations. There is nothing quite like linking breath with movement and coming into a moving meditation through a sun salutation. I also really love backbends. They can be so terrifying, but there is incredible room for growth.

What inspires you?

Being fully present.

What is a quote or mantra that you live by?

“To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal, to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the times comes, to let it go.” ~Mary Oliver

What is your haven?

Being outside in nature is my personal haven; it allows me to connect with myself on a deeper level and stay grounded. Nature has so much beauty and depth to offer to us if we can be still, look around and pay attention.



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