About Mei-Ji Shih

In 1988, Mei-Ji met the late Dr. Tom Tang, a disciple of Master Cheng Man-Ching, and began her study and practice of the Yang style of tai chi, which Master Cheng introduced to the Western world in the early 1960s.

From 1988-2002, Mei-Ji continued her learning of Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sword and Push Hand under the instruction of Dr. Tang. She has been a member of the Institute of Tai Chi Arts (ITCA) since 1992. From 1992-2008, Mei-Ji attended Tai Chi instructor training classes at ITCA. She has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword for over 15 years.

Mei-Ji is grateful to have learned to integrate mind, body and spirit through her Tai Chi Chuan training. She finds it increases her endurance and flexibility and improves her inner peace.


Community Tai Chi (for Non-Mbr and Membrs)

ALL LEVELS. An ancient Chinese mind body martial art, Tai Chi blends various postures and flowing movements. In the spirit of satsang, Haven opens this class to the community and members alike. Satsang is the yogic tradition of coming together to support, inspire and learn from one another. Bring a friend — or two! $7 DROP-IN CLASS. FREE FOR REVIVE MEMBERS.

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04/25/2021 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Haven On The Lake Energy Studio 1/12 Register Now