About Patrick McCleaf

While studying kinesiology at the University of Maryland, Patrick traveled to Thailand to live out dreams of kickboxing and cage fighting. There, a yoga practice found its way into his daily routine as a way to relieve physical pains from training.

After graduating, Patrick enrolled in a teacher training program with the idea of supplementing a career of personal training with yoga. After falling in love with yoga, he decided to teach the practice full-time. He has been a full-time yoga instructor since 2013.

He has completed hundreds of hours of teacher training programs, including Progressive Ashtanga, Rocket Vinyasa and Dharma Yoga. He’s taught thousands of hours of classes and has had the opportunity to lead teacher training, workshops and retreats domestically and internationally.

Patrick is very grateful to have such wonderful mentors, all who remind him that the real teacher is the practice, and our questions are already answered if we’re willing to look within.