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Q&A with Mind Body Instructor Krysta Howell

 By Tripp Laino

Haven on the Lake instructor, Krysta Howell, talks detoxification through yoga, injury prevention and her favorite yoga pose.

What is your background in yoga and what brought you to Haven ?

I did my teacher training at Charm City Yoga — which is now YogaWorks — in Baltimore…The trainings there are excellent. I was not loving my job at the time and I really needed to get out of that position, so I started to teach yoga more and then I decided to teach yoga full time. I applied for a job at Columbia Association and then I got one here at Haven, so that was quite nice.

Which classes do you teach at Haven? What are the benefits of each of the class?

I teach a few hot classes here, including Hot Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa flow is just the connection of the breath and the movement, so every breath is one movement. It’s not a class where you’re in a pose for a very, very long time.

The hot classes are very good for detoxification. You can sweat more and get out all those toxins in your body. You’re able to get a little bit deeper in the poses because you’re so warm. You get a very deep, good stretch which is awesome.

I also teach Flow and Restore. That one is also vinyasa-based — so it’s the linking of the breath and the movement — but it’s a little bit slower. It’s taught at a beginner pace, so we spend the first half hour moving, stretching and then the second half of the class is pretty much all restorative poses…It’s a great class for unwinding at the end of a Monday.

What is your favorite yoga pose? 

I love forward folds. They’re very relaxing and I just love the way it feels in my hamstrings. It’s good for stimulating your third eye, so it feels really nice and calming.

How can yoga complement other workouts?

Yoga’s a great cross-training for pretty much anything. It really increases your flexibility, obviously…Every sport needs flexibility and if you’re struggling with that yoga can certainly help. It also is just really great for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

One of my students had a broken ankle for a long time, but he could still do a lot of yoga. He just had to modify things.

What do you love most about teaching at Haven?

I really love my students here; they’re lovely people. Also, the environment is very soothing, very calming. The view is amazing. It’s a very tranquil environment.

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